Shimokitazawa Sound Cruising

In just 3 days Shimokita Sound Cruising, a town wide music festival celebrating the Tokyo underground music scene. Spread across 17 different venues around Shimokitazawa station, over 100 Indie bands from not only Japan but even as far as Poland. Every genre of music will be covered, from experimental noise, to Tokyo pop idol. If you have a chance make sure to come by Saturday.


As part of the event, Tower Records Japan will be opening up a special Shimokitazawa store until Sunday the 28th. On top of that, Tower Records will be releasing a special compilation cd featuring 21 different bands of all sorts of styles.

Young Cans will be there as well covering as many bands as we can getting you interviews and opinions straight from the heart of the Tokyo underground music scene. If you get a chance to go we personally recommend Kidori Kidori (Experimental Rock). Kotori (Pop-Rock) and Yunomi (Electric Tokyo Pop).


Shimokitazawa Sound Cruising will be held on Saturday, May 27th 2017

English Ticket Information can be found here as well as a full line up and timetable.

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